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The Nuwaupian Grand Lodge Official Seals


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Grand Edicts

Masonic Manners


The Ideal Of A Freemason


N.G.L Grand Master


Sovereign Grand Master: Tshaka Malik Al-Kush 33°

Protecting the seat of the Sovereign Grand Commander H. E. Malachi Z Konina York.

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Tenet Of A Mason


Unity: The Tenet That Symbolizes True Brotherly Love

The tassel of the fez, which hangs down the beard to the shoulder, is a symbol of Brotherly love who dwells upon the earth as brethren in unity.

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Relief: The Tenet That Symbolizes Man's Duty.

Freemasonry, we say, is founded upon three Grand Principles: Brotherly Love, Relief & Truth which are commonly referred to as the points of our profession. Let's look at the second of these Principles, Relief.

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Truth: The Tenets That Symbolizes Divinity.

Truth is the foundation of everything that is just. It is what man is constantly seeking. All of us look at everything differently but there is one truth.

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Wholly by Bill Or Holy Bible (Must See Video)


Walk With Us On The Mosaic Pavement


Did You Know?


Did you know the apron has it's roots in Egipt (Egypt), and was used to cover a man reproductive organ as a symbol of control of his lust?

Psalms 81:12, 1 John 2:16-17; Saying: KEEP YOUR APRON DOWN.


The apron, among many things, is a symbol of Innocence, Purity, and Honor. In ancient times it was a badge of distinction. None but superior members of the Hebrew priesthood could wear one. It is still a badge of distinction.


The Beehive



The Beehive is the symbol used by many Kings on their crest. Bees were a symbol of generative power. The Beehive is found in Freemasonry as a reminder that diligence, cooperation and labor for a common good...


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